To Write Love On Her Arms

TWLOHA is a nonprofit organization that challenges the stigma and stereotypes that have surround mental health issues for so long. Dedicated to offering help and hope, TWLOHA supports people that are struggling with depression, addiction, self-harm and suicide. To date, the organization has donated over $1.5 Million to treatment and recovery, and has granted funding to 73 unique organizations and counseling practices. Am working with TWLOHA to help spread their message through content creation and social media marketing.


Virginia Tourism Corporation

VTC operates the official tourism website of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Participated in VTC's very first "Instagram Showdown" in 2016 and helped to promote hiking with dogs in the state of Virginia through photography and social media influencer marketing.



Woolx is a modern clothing brand that produces no-itch, 100% merino wool garments for outdoor lifestyle adventurers - both people and dogs! Worked with Woolx to cross promote their products through social media influencer marketing.